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Seek repeal of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution

In 2010, the FBI reports that 67.5% of the 12,996 murders committed in the U.S. were committed by firearms. There are currently an estimated 270 million guns in civilian hands. Recent Supreme Court decisions have determined that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution assigns an individual right to possess such weapons to all Americans (with reasonable restrictions allowed on felons and those adjudged mentally ill). With the impetus of the 2nd amendment clarification, political forces aligned with the gun industry have promoted enactment of gun laws in State legislatures that permit gun owners to carry their weapons on their person. Such citizen armament will lead to more violent confrontations and resulting death and injury by firearm. Those who heretofore did not believe that guns were necessary will buy and carry them out of fear of other people who carry them who may not be as reasonable as they are. An arms race is upon us.

By repealing the 2nd amendment, it will no longer stymie legislators who believe that reasonable restrictions on gun ownership are prohibited by the 2nd amendment. Most of the U.S. population live in urban or suburban environments where guns are not necessary to provide food or protect us from frontier dangers. Guns are inherently dangerous and should be controlled.

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