End clock change the quickest, healthiest, safest, most economical way.

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Citizens demand an end to clock changes. Politicians lean toward permanent Daylight Saving Time (which merely benefits Big Oil, Golf, and Candy), despite several countries (including the US) having tried and reverted it before (after loss of children's lives). Professional polling shows most Americans want permanent Standard Time instead. Circadian scientists and children’s advocates warn permanent DST is more harmful than clock changes; they urge instead for permanent Standard Time. 

Data and history show permanent Standard Time is the best option for public health, public safety, scholastic potential, workplace productivity, individual prosperity, energy use, environmental preservation, and religious freedom. Permanent Standard Time is the quickest way to end clock changes in the US, because Congress already approves it (permanent DST is federally forbidden). Permanent Standard Time has been happily observed in Arizona, Hawaii, all US territories, and most countries worldwide for decades.

In the US, we petition all members of every state legislature, all governors, all members of Congress, the Secretary of Transportation, the Vice President, and the President. We petition all lawmakers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Mexico, South America, and the Middle East. 

We call upon all lawmakers everywhere to oppose all legislation that promotes permanent DST (particularly S 4582S 670, HR 1556, HR 1601, and HR 2389 in the US Congress), to amend such legislation to promote permanent Standard Time instead, and to introduce new legislation that abolishes DST completely and restores geographically appropriate, permanent Standard Time.