Save Puppies from Inhumane Breeding Conditions

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The WOOF Act would prevent dog breeders whose USDA licenses have been suspended or revoked from continuing to operate. Bad breeders are using loopholes in federal law to evade enforcement by applying for new licenses under another name, allowing the same horrific conditions in their puppy mills to continue. Puppies are born to sick, overbred mothers (the mother dogs are killed as soon as they’re no longer able to produce puppies.) The pups are taken from their mother at 8 weeks, loaded onto trucks for long drives with minimal food and water and no medical care, and stored in warehouses with hundreds of other dogs, many of them sick with highly contagious canine diseases before being sold in pet shops or online to unsuspecting consumers. These animals deserve more than a lifetime of illness, suffering and neglect at the hands of greedy people who exploit the law selling sick and genetically defective dogs for up to $10,000 per puppy. This practice must be stopped! Let's clean up the industry, and give dogs the chance they deserve to have basic rights to life they deserve.