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Revise the ADA Law to STOP Service Dog Fraud

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Service animals are wonderful companions and partners for people with varying levels of disabilities. They help the blind to see, alert the deaf to things like an alarm clock, and help those in wheelchairs with daily tasks such as picking up a cell phone that was dropped on the floor. To obtain these animals is a very time consuming, and often costly, process. Very few organizations in this country, such as Guiding Eyes for the Blind, or Canine Companion for Independence, are able to provide these animals. There is a screening process that can often take months, so that there is a perfect match between the person and their new working partner and friend. Even with this, there are still people who slip through and claim a pet as a service animal. Due to a lack of education, many will give them a pass. The current law states that a service dog is a dog that has been specially trained to perform one or more tasks to enhance their handler’s safety and independence. Such tasks can also include medical alerts to seizures and diabetic issues and other medical episodes that inhibit their handler's ability to live a normal life. I'm not saying that we should abolish “owner training,” people who enlist private trainers rather than going through a program, as I have high respect for owner trainer's out there as long as they go about it the right way. All I'm saying is that we need to provide better education to service dog handlers everywhere so that the "frauds" can get the message and leave Fido at home.

By signing this petition you are agreeing to:

Enforce the laws that are already in place to protect service dog handlers and their dogs.

Provide better education to the public as it pertains to service dogs entering businesses and other places where "normal" dogs aren't allowed.

Shutdown the private distributors of service dog vests and other equipment and subjecting them to fines

The launch of a federal and/or state mandated service dog registry system.  Which would require all handlers to have their animal micro chipped or tattooed to help with the reunification of the animal should it become lost or stolen.  

The recommendation that all service dog handlers connect with professional trainers to ensure that their dogs meet the requirements mandated by federal law to enter the public.

Hefty fines for all persons who pass off their pets as service animals.

Carrying around both proof of training and shot records at all times to protect yourself and your service animal in the event of a catastrophic event such as an attack by a "fake service animal."

It is also my hope that if we can get enough signatures that Congress will listen to us!  Let's make a change starting today!

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