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Replace Confederate Monuments with Bionicles

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As of late, our nation's confederate monuments have come under fire for what they represent.  Some argue that they serve to remind Americans of our history and the war that threatened to destroy the Union brought forth by the Founding Fathers' belief in democratic ideals and liberty.  Other's are reminded of a dark time in our history, where minorities were sold as property and were regarded as inferiors to the white, land owning men.  Regardless of political affiliation or one's interpretation of history, Confederate statues and monuments will continue to remind us of the horrors of slavery, a stain on our nation's past that shouldn't be celebrated. 

Instead of tearing down these monuments, our nation should look to replace them with statues commemorating more influential and unifying figures in our culture's history.  We should shy away from the polarizing realm of politics and public service, instead opting to memorialize individuals from popular culture that never failed to inspire, achieve, and selflessly serve others.  When one hears the words "inspire," "achieve," and "selfless" many individuals come to mind, but who is the best example of these ideals? Not Mahatma Ghandi. Not JFK. Not Harriet Tubman. The answer might surprise you.  

A recent study found that when individuals are asked to identify a figure who personifies these qualities, 69% of those polled said that the Lego Bionicles™ stand out to them as the best examples of a true leader, a true inspiration. Children look up to them, women swoon for them, and men yearn to be one of them. In their battle to protect the Matoran from the dastardly Makuta, the Bionicles displayed the character and leadership that should be celebrated in America.  

Sign this petition and you could help change our country's identity and future.  Replacing monuments dedicated to hate and discrimination with newer, shinier ones for the Bionicles and their heroism will be the catalyst towards greater social equality and a happier future.  After all, the Bionicles are for the people. 

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