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Repeal the "Monsanto Protection Act"

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There has not been enough research into the consequences of genetically modified seeds and plants in the ecosystem to see what damage can result from them (possibly cross pollenating with other plants, polluting organic crops, the health risks of genetically modified foods). There is no plan to counteract the impact once these seeds are released into the world, to pollenate our other plants. Many farmers would prefer NOT to grow genetically modified food. We would prefer to at least be given a choice of whether or not we want to eat this un-natural food, and we certainly deserve the right to bring suit against a company that (might) endanger our health because they don't have the patience or decency to wait until enough research has been done to know whether these foods are safe. What makes them any better than we are, if we endangered or injured someone we would be liable. If corporations are people then they should be treated the same as any other individual would if they were to harm the public by irresponsibly introducing something into our food or environment that hadn't been proven to be safe ahead of time.

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