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Remove the NCAA's tax exempt status

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For years, the NCAA has been making a large profit off of its student athletes despite maintaining its status of being a non-profit organization. By not being taxed due to this label, the NCAA is cheating the system and making almost a billion dollars in profit per year because of it. 

With an tight budget that has garnered a great amount of criticism from people of all political beliefs and backgrounds, the government could greatly benefit from gaining this uncollected tax money. Social programs in particular, such as Medicare and Medicaid, would benefit tremendously from this added money and help people in need. 

Instead of this money going toward productive government functions, it is going towards some of the top leaders of the NCAA. In 2014, NCAA president Mark Emmert earned almost $2 Million dollars as his salary. Typically, nonprofit organizations of similar size have a CEO that earns approximately $500,000. NCAA CEO Mark Emmert made almost $1.5 Million dollars more- and this is not even an organization that is specifically dedicated to helping those in need, such as UNICEF. The former NCAA COO made even more money- $2.7 Million dollars. By comparison, according to, the American Red Cross COO makes anywhere from $75,000 to $144,000 a year.

It is time for the theft to end. The NCAA needs to drop its tax-exempt status since it does not act as a nonprofit organization. The incredibly high revenue needs to go to the government where it belongs. 

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