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Congress: Reform clinical research laws by passing the Doctornaut Act

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The Doctornaut Act is legislation that has been kicked around Washington since the late 1990's that needs our help to get it re-introduced and debated in Congress. The central piece of the legislation is a reform of FDA regulations to allow medical doctors to enter themselves into clinical research studies. It's a simple reform, but a reform that could save millions of lives.

In 2004, Senator Bill Frist introduced the Doctornaut Act, but it never left cmomittee. You can view his bill here:

Just like everyone else, doctors get sick, they get serious diseases, and unfortunately they suffer and die from them. But unlike the general population, medical doctors understand the risks of clinical research, they understand the side effects and symptoms, and they can and should be able to voluntarily enter themselves into clinical research studies.

Under current laws, if a doctor was dying of a rare form of cancer, they could read research papers and speak with clinical researchers, but they wouldn't be able to enter themselves into a clinical trial. Some rare diseases have very few qualifying candidates who can enter a clinical trial, and FDA regulations have been crafted to protect people from entering risky and dangerous trials. But doctors are different -- they understand the risks, they have the medical knowledge, and they have dedicated their lives to helping people. We should allow these men and women to continue their mission to help us live longer, healthier lives by untying their hands and allowing them to voluntarily enter into clinical trials conducted by other physicians.

This simple legislation can and should be supported by everyone interested in finding cures to serious illnesses. Whether you're an organization like the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, or someone who has lost a loved one due to illness, we need your help to raise awareness about the Doctornaut Act. Whether you're a doctor, a medical student, or a patient -- untying the hands of our medical professionals to voluntarily enter themselves into a clinical trial just makes sense.

This simple reform can have enormous benefits for not only the U.S., but seemingly the entire world. The United States has a responsibility to aggressively push forward searching for cures, and the Doctornaut Act is a step in the right direction.

On behalf of everyone who has been affected by a serious disease by supporting these reforms.

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