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VAWA has protected many spouses from domestic violence - men, women and children. It is a tool used by abused immigrants to avoid deportation. The bill in congress HR 4970 will prevent many from staying in the United States and ultimately hurt many who are already victims of their abusers.

Tell Congress not to pass HR 4970 and keep the Senate version S 1925.

"The House will likely take up H.R. 4970, introduced by Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL).  While the details are still being worked out, the House bill appears intent on rolling back years of VAWA protections for immigrants.  The House bill:

  • It puts victims to larger penalties for perjury or misrepresentation. This includes including expedited removal.
  • It does not allow for any additional U visas.
  • It has asked for higher standards that U visa applications must meet. Including clauses for further cooperation with law enforcement.
  • It allows alleged abusers to showcase their side of the story as also submit evidence to the USCIS adjudicators for the same.
  • It asks for moving the adjudication of VAWA cases from the specialized adjudication unit in Vermont to the local offices."

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