Congress: Provide contractors with backpay when the shutdown ends

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With no end in sight for the government shutdown, hundreds of thousands of American workers are seeing the impact of of the shutdown directly in their pocketbooks as their paychecks are put on hold. Worse yet, thousands of government contractors won't receive any back pay compensation once the government reopens.

Janitors, administrative assistants, security guards and many others are employed by private companies who have contracts with the federal government. As contractors, they are only paid for the time that they work, and thus have no hope of receiving back pay. Some have not even been paid for their time in the weeks prior to the shutdown because no one is there to process their timesheets.

Sign to tell Congress that ALL government workers, including contractors, deserve back pay when the government reopens.

Many of these contractors have worked with the federal government for years, and are afraid that this interruption will prevent them from paying bills or rent. They take pride in their jobs, and love what they do, but are afraid that without back pay and with the risk of future income loss, they may not be able to continue in their roles even after the shutdown ends.

The people who keep government buildings safe, clean, and functional are the ones most impacted by this shutdown. Even filing for unemployment doesn’t help many contractors, who will still see their income and ability to support their families harmed by their lost salary. For people who live paycheck to paycheck, the lack of pay during the government shutdown is more than just inconvenient. It is destructive to workers and their families.

Sign to demand that Congress ensures ALL government employees are given back pay, including contractors. And if you’ve been affected by the shutdown, share your #ShutDownStories in the comments below.