Protection from psychological abuse

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Emotional abuse, also know as psychological abuse, is the most overlooked and understudied form of abuse, yet is the most frequent. According to, both 4 in 10 men and 4 in 10 women have experienced psychological abuse, and 48.4 percent of women as well as 48.8% of men have been in a relationship with a psychologically abusive partner. Psychological abuse consists of manipulation with malice intent, degrading the victim, undermining the victim, convincing the victim that they are insane, withholding information, money or food from the victim, isloating the victim and/or embarrassing the victim. It's like being brainwashed, but not being aware of it. These scenarios can lead to anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, eating disorders and even sucidal. This type of abuse is JUST AS SERIOUS AND AS DETRIMENTAL AS PHYSICAL ABUSE. But, there is virtually nothing to protect any of us against it. The laws regarding emotional abuse are extremely vague and misleading. If the victim eventually works up the courage to end the relationship and calls 911 to report "mental abuse," the police can't do much when they arrive. They'll probably ask you if you want to fill out a restraining order, or harassment report, but that's about it. With no physical marks, they can't detain the abuser. This violates our civil rights; if one cannot live freely, without someone else (i.e.: the abuser) dictating and manipulating their every move, their rights are in fact being violated. So, what should we do? We should establish a law that not only observes emotional abuse as domestic abuse in all states, but mandates that the accused seek consueling as well as the victim(s); while a third party, just like Child Protective Services do in cases of child abuse, do routine check ups on both people. With this being said, if the abuse worsens or continues, legal criminal action should be taken upon by the accused, whether it be a hefty fine or jail time with the proper evidence being presented.-jean bub good bless Jean for her petition efforts.  
 I'd like to get a law passed to protect men, women, and children from narcissistic sociopaths, people diagnosed as antisocial personality disorder. Antisocial personality disorder is an umbrella disorder covering many different diagnosis.  Too many people are mentally, psychologically, and emotionally abused. This kind of abuse is legal in Pennsylvania and most of the United States.  The children suffer the most from the games these sociopaths play making it detrimental to their health and well being. Their social emotional growth is deterred by this abuse. Sociopaths sometimes even turn violent or in most cases cause the victims to think they are going insane or to try to commit suicide. Men, women, and children are deathly afraid and cannot be helped.  I'm reaching out to political parties, those in Congress, and the media to make a change.  This is legal and detrimental to children of the abuser. Please help us protect the victims. As stated above, many of these abusers turn violent and even resort to, going as far as, killing their victims. Much of my research and people I've met that are victims of this abuse were refused a PFA. The judicial system needs to be educated on this abuse and protections need to be granted. The abusers need to have their custodial rights revoked and their names posted on a government website to warn others of the individuals with this malicious abusive behavior. I, for one, refuse to be another cautionary tale. What would you do if it were you or someone you care about? You may wonder if out really is abuse our question the validity and severity of this matter.  If you have doubts please take the time to watch the movie, " Mother." It takes less than a minute to sign. I will be posting a link to a blog explaining my story and snippets of others experiences if you still need more to understand that this is something that is in dire need of attention.  Thank you for helping to save lives.

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