Protect Main Street Family & Small Business Grants to Stabilize America

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Family & small businesses are the foundations of our local communities. They operate and support our local economies. The losses our family & small businesses are about to endure are going to be profound, and they are going to be permanent.

After this crisis, these businesses won’t "rebound". The revenue they are losing will not be "recovered". This isn’t the stock market. These businesses survive and thrive day to day, and their owners and staff live paycheck to paycheck. Many don’t have cash reserves or healthcare. They don’t have trust funds or the ability to repay loans in the future to pay for the losses due to the unprecedented health crisis.

What is needed now is steady leadership to prevent this from also turning into an economic crisis. Family & small business owners are our community leaders. They support our local non-profit and community service organizations. They are instrumental to the health and welfare of  our communities and now we need to protect them.

Additionally, while many businesses have fewer than 100 employees, a significant portion of businesses at risk have far less – some fewer than 10.  People participating in today’s “gig” economy - whether Uber & Lyft drivers, or independent contractors who live paycheck to paycheck are frequently overlooked by support programs or grants. 

Please ask members of Congress, state legislators, county and local elected officials to support the creation of an emergency grant program to assist family & small businesses with weekly capital based on actual expenses to help stabilize and secure America.

This investment to stabilize and secure our local economies is a necessary emergency action. This can be done quickly and our elected officials should move swiftly to have this program in place.

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