Prevent another disaster, update requirements for being President PROTECT HER FUTURE!!

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        As a Labor and Delivery RN, I am required to be certified in Fetal monitoring, Neonatal resuscitation, CPR and  Advanced Life Support. That is beyond the years of nursing school and passing nursing boards. After all, would you want the nurse navigating your precious baby into the world to be clueless? Not understanding the labor process, fetal monitoring, and potential complications? Every mom should expect and deserve a qualified nurse to keep her and her baby safe.  The "know it all" woman, working in the maternity dept of your local store and who gave birth to a child of her own, is NOT qualified to take care of a mom and baby through the birth process. It is unsafe and dangerous. 

        So why do we allow barebone qualifications to hold the most important job in the country, if not the world.....


       The Framers were shooting for patriotism, judgement, and civic virtue. This translated into US born, at least 35 years of age, and a US citizen. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 was well meaning and appropriate for the times. Up until now it has stood because up until now we, as a nation, chose individuals with understood qualifications and experience. Some more qualified than others but never as unsafe a man as who we call our President.

        We all scratch our heads and wonder how we got here? Why did we allow someone to run for the most important job in the world without requiring any education and or experience in our government, military, and foreign affairs? Being completely inept to navigate through the job with some sort of point of reference. 

         It is paramount to tweak, if not revamp, these qualifications, or lack of qualifications, laid out by our Framers of the Constitution.  For they had not a crystal ball. If they did,  Prissy wouldn't be birthing no babies and Donald Trump wouldn't have gotten through the first gate!

         I call on our Congress to start the ball rolling to amend this outdated criteria. It should be basic and a no brainer. 

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