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Enact a Jobs Bill to implement a Transcontinental Water Supply System.

Currently unemployment is running at over 8 percent. The Defense budget has been cut, and many Defense firms are planning massive layoffs. Our Troops are expected to return home from Afghanistan and other countries. We also need a National Water Supply system to transfer water from Flood-ravaged areas into safe storage and filtering for future use in Drought-ridden areas and farmlands.

During the Depression of 1929 the U.S. instituted the WPA (Works Progress Administration). The WPA commonly refers to the many agencies established by the Federal Government in the 1930s during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration. Brought into being on May 6, 1935, as an independent agency funded directly by Congress, the Works Progress Administration was the Federal Government’s most ambitious undertaking yet to provide employment for the jobless.

We NEED a program to employ the thousands who are out of work. This project would employ thousands from most of the lower 48 states, from every profession and trade: Construction, Engineering, Telecommunications, Financial, Administrative, etc.

What I envision is a waterway system stretching from the West Coast to the East Coast, at two main Latitudes: 36 degrees North in California through to Virginia, bordering both upper and lower states along the way; and 45 degrees North in Portland, Oregon through to 45 degrees North in Illinois / Wisconsin. This would employ workers from both sides of the states' borders where the system would run. At least four conduits would be built, with Reservoirs, Lakes, Rivers, etc. connecting to it. Flood waters and ample-supplied Rivers would be captured, filtered, and stored for future use. Aquifers would be used to trap non-indigenous aquatic species, filter flood waters and allow safe transfer of water across the USA. This water would then be used in areas hardest hit during drought seasons.

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