Not introduce legislation based on the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

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Industry self-regulation, and not a federal law based on the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, is the best solution for protecting consumer privacy. One reason is that technology changes rapidly. Industries can easily adapt and respond to those changes in technology, however federal laws are difficult to amend, so rapid change means that a federal law will quickly become obsolete. In addition, consumers do not want to give up the "free" aspect of the Internet. They would rather share information and keep the current Internet than lose accessibility to certain websites due to a stringent federal law. On the other end, businesses are encouraging consumers to share information because of the efficiency and economic growth data sharing provides businesses. Industry self-regulation would be effective because regulations would force businesses to provide consumers with information on how data is collected and used; regulations would also force businesses to have adequate online security systems. Not only would industry self-regulation be practical and easy to update, but it would also equally benefit both businesses and consumers.

Protecting consumer privacy using specific regulations will prevent further company breaches. Promoting the sharing of data will increase the efficiency in advertising and will save businesses money, time, and energy. Consumers will also have more awareness and control about what happens with their information on websites. By using industry self-regulation, businesses will be able to provide safer ways for consumers to share data if industry self-regulations are implemented.

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