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Uphold Constitutional rights of Sharon Schwindt

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Due to ongoing abuse of process which is in all
probability motivated by land-covetousness on the
part of people in Hernando County, Florida, the
following remedies are recommended in order
to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
of the United States of America; and all Federal officials who
are sworn to do so are hereby notified of these presents:
1) Local government should cease and desist from all
legal harassment (harassment under color of law)
and other forms of abuse of process which has taken
the form of court actions, orders, subpoenas,
contempt of court citations and other ordinance issuances
based on nuisance issues or other malicious accusations;
for two years: from April 1, 2013; and from April 1, 2013
until March 31, 2015. Local government should rescind
all such issuances, and should recuse itself from all
such matters, unless it can conclusively demonstrate
beyond the range of speculation and manufacture of
evidence, that there is an emergency need for such action.
If local (municipal or county or township or
association) Government has any substantive issue in
regard to Sharon Schwindt, local government should immediately
refer the matter to Federal authorities, in order to guarantee
to Sharon Schwindt her reasonable expectation of
Article Four, Section Four guarantee of republican
Form of government, and in order that the law should
be carried out rationally and non-maliciously.
In the absence of the fulfillment of this condition,
Sharon Schwindt; in any further court proceedings
or hearings involving County or other local government
should be granted a court reporter and a verbatim
right to tape record any such pending proceedings now
or in the future listed on the docket of County or local
government, or the proceedings should be continuanced
or cancelled.
2) The animals on her (Sharon Schwindt's) property should be
left alone by all layers and agencies and affiliated contractors
and other ancillators of local Government, unless
and until any of the animals actually cause actionable harm to
anyone else - and so far, the animals apparently have
not harmed anyone. If and when any of the animals
on the property of Sharon Schwindt actually cause
actionable harm to anyone else in a non-defensive
situation (unprovoked attack), that particular animal
and only that particular animal should then be
destroyed or otherwise removed by due process of law.
Moreover, the animals which have been taken and/or
confiscated from Sharon Schwindt and from the property
of Sharon Schwindt should be returned forthwith and
unconditionally without any undue delay.
3) Compensation for past invasions of property and
Fourth Amendment right violations and other violations
of the Constitutional rights of Sharon Schwindt should be
awarded to Sharon Schwindt by Congress or another branch
of the Federal Government in the failure of Congress
to take up the issue, as per Article Four, Section Four
guarantee of republican Form; pending prompt investigation
of these Constitutional matters by Congress or other
branches of the Federal Government. Such investigation
should be commenced without delay and without
interference from local officials and without overreliance
on data furnished by local officials and their appurtenant
agencies or contractors or other record-producing ancillators.
4) The Federal government should investigate the
malicious manufacture and distribution of flyers
sent throughout the neighborhood adjoining the
property of Sharon Schwindt, containing obviously
false accusations against her and others which are unproven,
and which are perhaps motivated by a probable desire on
the part of an adjoining landholder to take the property
of Sharon Schwindt and a neighbor, by driving Sharon
Schwindt and the unnamed neighbor off their
respective properties, in what appears to be a
land-grab perpetrated at least partially under color
of authority.
5) The Federal Government should also investigate
actions against Sharon Schwindt which have been
initiated by past and present actions of the Office
of the Sheriff of Hernando County, and the Office
of the County Attorney of Hernando County, Florida.
This investigation should include actions taken by the
County in a civil context or in any other context; and
must be targeted toward the investigation and abatement
of all conflicts of interest which are inherent in these
investigatons of County and other local government
actions taken against Sharon Schwindt and her property
8 PM, EDT, March 28, 2013

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