Petition Congress OPPOSE MANDATORY TIRE REGISTRATION (H.R. 22; S. 1741; H.R. 2410)

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Petition Congress OPPOSE MANDATORY TIRE REGISTRATION (H.R. 22; S. 1741; H.R. 2410)

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Tire Industry Association started this petition to Congress and

Tire Retailers Oppose:

*Shifting the liability and cost for tire registration to the retailer.

*Returning to an archaic pencil and paper registration system that Congress ended in 1982. 

*Requiring retailers to turn their customer lists over to manufacturers as manufacturers begin online tire sales.

*Fining retailers up to $1,000 per tire and $700,000 per location for failure to properly register tires.

Tire Retailers Support:

*Tire manufactures and retailers coming together to develop an industry solution to improve registration and recall performance. 

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A little-noticed tire dealer provision was quietly added to the Senate highway bill (the DRIVE Act) in a manager’s amendment in the Commerce Committee markup.  The provision is titled “Tire registration by independent sellers.”  If implemented, the provision would set into motion a NHTSA rulemaking that could reinstate a 1970s-era paperwork mandate on small businesses and potentially shift blame for recall performance from the product manufacturers to independent gasoline stations, truck stops, and tire dealers.

The Senate proposal was added without hearings or discussion, yet would reinstate previously rejected  NHTSA rules that Congress halted under the Motor Vehicle Safety and Cost Savings Authorization Act of 1982.

Under the 1970s rules, NHTSA demanded detailed registration information and levied hefty fines on independent dealers who had failed to comply.  The demands were onerous and serious legal requirements became the responsibility of mechanics, tire installers, and gasoline station managers.  Compliance rates were low but small businesses could not afford to pay the fines, which could reach as high as $700,000, threatening the viability of the family-owned businesses.  The system was unworkable and did not advance safety.

In 1982, Congress changed the requirements to establish a voluntary registration process in which customers, rather than dealers, voluntarily registered their tires.  This process is similar for other consumer products, such as child safety seats and toys, where the purchaser voluntarily registers their purchase to get recall notices.  We are not aware of any other safety products in which an independent salesperson is responsibility for a customer’s product registration or a manufacturers’ product defect.

While the Senate provision is vague and gives broad latitude to NHTSA to regulate these small businesses, the language is specific enough to include direction for tire dealers to turn over their customer lists to manufacturers – an idea that dealers adamantly oppose.  We oppose a return to the failed, onerous paperwork requirements of the past and urge the House to reject any legislation that could lead to independent dealers being forced to turn over our customer information to product manufacturers. 

We do agree however, that recall performance can be improved and we would like to work on with the tire manufacturers to achieve this goal.  For example, we believe one way to improve recall performance would be for manufacturers to add low-cost, proven RFID chips to tires that allow maintenance professionals to scan the tires and immediately be alerted to open recalls during routine maintenance.  Instead of more NHTSA rules, adoption of this technology not only will improve registration compliance, but also greatly improve recall rates.

We ask Congress to encourage tire manufacturers and dealers to come to a mutual agreement to improve recall performance, rather than pit the two sides against each other with controversial legislation and more regulations.

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This petition had 795 supporters