License and class required to own a reptile and proper care for reptiles being sold

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 I am a reptile owner and lover many people purchase these animals think oh look at this cute little snake or lizard etc and buy it put it in a 20 gallon tank and get the basic things the pet store owner tells them to buy which from my experience are almost never correct and the proper requirements for these animals and because of this the reptile suffers. 

        Many reptile are resilient creatures they will often live months and even years in pain maybe not intentionally but because of a lack of education. Another problem that I feel has been ignored for to long is the pet stores that sell reptiles often  mistreat reptiles such as leopard geckos are often severely malnourished and have many injuries such as missing toes leopard geckos use there tail as fat storage but I have rarely seen a big commercial pet store with a healthy leopard gecko

      If these were dogs cats or humans this would not stand and that is wrong because reptiles have the same right to live a happy and healthy life as any other living creature I would appreciate if you shared this petition to anyone you think would sign as I would like to see this problem solved not for my sake but for the reptiles sake

      there will be a image of a bearded dragon with metabolic bone disease which is uncureable but you can stop it from worsening this animal can live years in this condition and will live in pain for the rest of its life because of someone who wasn't willing to put in the effort or was not properly educated