Transforming Treatable Tragedies. Help us end the neglect of those with untreated serious mental illness. The time is now to change laws in our broken mental health care system. How many more tragedies must we tolerate ?

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Many lives have been lost and families destroyed, because of this brain disease or mental illness . Science and research has proven that with treatment the illness is treatable, and this prevents tragedy. Because of the complexity of this brain disease many who suffer from this illness lack insight of their illness and are able to refuse treatment and this intensifies their psychotic symptoms and usually brings upon dier consequence and sometimes even death . Parents who know their loved ones history, are being excluded in the treatment and medication plan due to privacy laws . Families are unable to get treatment and long term residential care for our loved ones., Our jails have become flooded with our sick loved ones and are not receiving treatment. Our communities have become unsafe, all because our mental health system is broken. Our nation is experiencing a crisis. We as families affected have come together to support any legislative efforts that address this issue and will not cease until we have achieved an awareness and put a stop to the madness. ..join us, share with others and share your story as others have. Transforming Treatable Tragedies. A modern day movement....donations accepted..