Paul Ryan responds:

Paul Ryan

Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for H.R. 647, The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2013. You raised some good points about how this legislation could assist Americans with disabilities.

Many of my constituents have told me why they support the ABLE Act. Like them, I believe people with disabilities should be able to create a stable future for themselves. So I welcome this discussion, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the 113th Congress on ways to help Americans with disabilities.

Please know that I appreciate your views, and I will continue to follow this legislation closely. Should I have the chance to vote on the ABLE Act, I will certainly keep your thoughtful considerations in mind.

Posted on May 05, 2014
  • Lizzi Huskey GREENVILLE, SC
    • 7 months ago

    Please he won't even think about us here at the bottom! I'm a young disabled person, I had two strokes, and I live in SC! I don't get adequate medical attention!

  • kathlean (kate) SANTA CRUZ, CA
    • 7 months ago

    There seems to be an opportunity here to remind the far right FOX NEWS Anne Coulter called Obama retarded then never

    ever apologized to the smarty folks with Downs Syndrome. I continue to be confused with the ADA laws VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN tail gating the ADA am I mistaken by this double header? ABLE ACT supported by the TEA PARTY GOP a bipartisan OBAMA bill all eager to pass creates more or less gov't power over the people? SAVINGS is the issue - and the TOO BIG TO FAIL will do what to lie steal cheat us out of more TAX REVENUES? Thanks for your patience wth my questions? IF you found bombs and 41 months later not a single politician had yet thanked you MAYBE you too would be extremely caustic and cautious. kate keesler Jagger FACEBOOK

  • kathlean (kate) SANTA CRUZ, CA
    • 7 months ago

    may i add a comment or will the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX order my arrest? Mitch and Paul come on I FOUND those explosives since then (2011) my life has been this caged bird ready for flight! ADA what happen when McCain, Dole and Kerry spoke against canceling a sound program signed by George HW Bush 1990? Kathlean Perlin Keesler pro this ABLE ACT tax exemptions. NFL is tax exempt what are you going to do about that sizable lost TRICKLE down TAX REVENUE? Who were the 60's congressional cushions that passed NFL not for profit stat's?

  • Frances Buckley WOODSTOCK, IL
    • 7 months ago

    I didn't see a response except that Ryan will keep this in mind. I look forward to watching the vote. Good luck because I already know how Ryan will vote..... sorry to say. I feel that Americans with Disabilities need SO MUCH MORE THAN THEY ARE GETTING IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. I'm from WI and what Walker and Ryan have done to our state breaks my heart. ROB Zirban is the man to talk to about helping those children with disabilities. He is running against Ryan.

    I see responses below from Illinois, Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida. Check out what has happened to our Beautiful State of WISCONSIN.

    Equal pay for women... TAKEN AWAY FROM US

    UNIONS for teachers... TAKEN AWAY FROM US... no bargaining power. FUNDS for our students TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM.

    That's how I know Ryan won't support our children with disabilities.

  • Michael Bloom LOS ANGELES, CA
    • 8 months ago

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your boilerplate response.

    It took me a moment to recognize it.

    Before I learned that I would never make it as a writer, I received many rejection notices having a common format. These notices all thanked me for my submission, expressed support and encouragement for new writers in general, and specifically expressed eagerness to receive new submissions from me. They particularly wanted to let me know that they are continually on the lookout for 'fresh new talent", and when my writing style happened to coincide with their immediate needs, they would be happy to meet me for further discussion.

    Despite their "good intentions", I knew that they knew that I was aware that their letters were disingenuous, and as such, they were intentionally insulting me under the guise of "letting me down easy" in a non-committal answer.

    Do you really believe that people don't know that you have no intention of doing the right thing on this matter?

    It is insulting to any constituent with a brain for you to express that you are empathetic while at the same time you distance yourself from the subject and make it appear that, although on the surface you are non-committal, you actually have already decided against the bill.