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Pass a Balanced Budget or You're Fired

Congress: Pass a Balanced Budget or You're Fired

A better name would be do your job.

Whether we are liberal, conservative or independent we have a right to expect the people we hire to run this country to do their job and do it well. 

CNN Contributor John Greene wrote a column titled: Why do we pay politicians for no results? 

In he asks:

"if you had a leak in your plumbing, and the plumbers emerged from under your sink to tell you:

"I'm sorry -- I can't work with this man. He undoes everything I'm trying to do to get your pipes back in shape."

"So typical of him to put the blame on me. He's got it exactly backward. I know how to stop the leak -- he has no idea. And he never has."

You'd tell them that this is not what you hired them to do. Why are they wasting your time and money telling you that it's the other guy's fault that the water is still dripping onto your floor? You'd ask them to keep their personal animosities to themselves and figure out a way to complete the job they'd agreed to do, or else you're not going to give them a cent."

And you'd be well within your rights. Why don't we expect the same from Congress? It's not about which party or Right or Left, it's about hiring someone to do a job and expecting results.

Proposal: a new law which would make all congressman ineligible for reelection if a balanced budget isn't passed every year of their term starting in 2016.

That is their number one job but instead they bicker and point fingers like children and the rest of the county suffers. This is farther than no budget no pay it's, no budget no job. Pass a balenced budget or we'll find someone else. 

How to fix the Federal Budget Deficet

"You just pass a law that says that any time there's a deficit of more than three percent of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election."

-Warren Buffet

It might be that simple.

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