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Congress of the United States: Stop the Syrian genocide

As the war in Syria intensifies, civilians are bearing the brunt of the attacks. More than a 110,000 people have died in brutal attacks, many more have been severely injured or subjected to horrific crimes, and 7 million have been forced to flee their homes - nearly one-third of Syria's population.

Join us by signing our petition to the members of Congress, and ask them to ensure that America intervenes in this war, to prevent the genocide of the Syrian nation.

Together we can stop the crimes against the Syrian people. Time is running out. Sign our petition today!

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Horrific crimes against humanity are being committed by the Assad regime in Syria. Young boys and girls are being killed, maimed and tortured. Morally reprehensible use of chemical weapons is rampant. The barbaric and bloody Assad regime has already killed 110,000 people and has forced 7 million to flee their homes - nearly one-third of Syria's population. These appalling violations against men, women, and children must stop, and those carrying them out, held to account. Inaction will only embolden brutal dictators to continue flaunting international norms and committing mass murder with impunity. By intervening in Syria, the United States will be sending a message that these atrocities now and in the future, will not be tolerated. There are times when military force is necessary and justifiable. This is one of those times. Please vote to ensure that the genocide in Syria is stopped.

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