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Restore truth in Media News to the Public, end Fox notorious lies.

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Many people in our country are deeply disturbed and concerned by the divide in our country today. This divide is caused in large part by the brazenly ignorant renewal of barely hidden racism and the chronic misinformation fed to the people, and called "The Evening News". Other networks in media are almost equally guilty of this same tactic of repeatedly misinforming the public on News, as ratings wars go on and the public suffers as does the nation. These policies of out right lies to the public, with the full approval of media owners silent acceptance of this lack of journalistic integrity by Fox media is well known and the world watches. .. Much of this divide in the public, due to misinformed people, and the return to a shamefully racially divided nation of uninformed citizenry is due to the repeated chronic lies to the American citizens nightly on networks like Fox, especially Fox. In Canada they banned out right lies on their News, and the purposeful misinformation to the public out of decency. In fact in Canada they will not issue Licenses to any media that knowingly lies to the public on the News. For this reason Fox was not just denied a license, they didn't bother to apply because Fox insists on misinformation and ratings over integrity. Ratings equal money to networks. The time for greed over the American peoples right to truth in reporting important News is the direct cause of this divide, the misinformation and even inspired threats and deaths all have been in part due to lies to the public by media.. Fox continues putting their desire for ratings and greed over the public interests or their right to truth and decency in American standards in reporting the News to the public. Regardless of the harm it does to the people who do not know fact from lies when heard on the Evening "News" or the public divide this has become more pronounced and the integrity of truth suffers as more and more people polled assume lies are facts.. While opinion and free speech is valid in it's place, it has no place in reporting the News. Those reporting the News to the American people have a duty to be factual and honest and we must have standards returned, or revoke ownership of those corporate owned media more interested in profit then facts and integrity in journalism. The world views our media and I for one am shamed to the core when I feel the world thinks we as a people are this backwards and misinformed. It is, or should be, the responsibility of any network to be responsible for their journalist and insure integrity is returned...and for making certain truth in facts is the rule not the exception when reporting the News to the public and the world about matter in America. Those in media who would contribute to shaming us world wide, even going as far as the shaming of our own President in every subject from "If the President is a member of a Muslim Brotherhood of terrorist", " Is our President an American born citizen" (birtherism) is a national disgrace and should be banned in America in the name of decency and truth and national security.When media such as Fox chronically encourages an uninformed public with out rights lies and shameful distortions this can, and I believe does, cause a national security issue and world wide shame that would make Bin Laden and other terrorist proud.. The last thing we need as a secure nation is the world watching US media assuming American's are backwards, ignorant or shamefully gullible misinformed people. Media must either show clearly and chronically at the bottom of the screen that "THIS IS OPINION ONLY AND NOT FACTUAL", or start every opinion based lie, and otherwise provable misinformation with a REASONABLE PUBLIC NOTIFICATION, so that the public can distinguish between fact and shamefully disgraceful lies that are embarrassingly dangerous to an already misinformed public on purpose to divide and conquer..Children should not have to hear their president being shamed on the Evening News just for Fox ratings.

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