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Congress must say "No" to Tongass logging

As you should be aware, although the Tongass National Forest has been protected from development by the Roadless Area rule, the Bush administration has sought for years for a way to open up its rich resources for exploitation by its corporate friends.  Now it has announced that logging roads will be built, with taxpayer funds, so that logging can begin.  Tongass is one of the last remaining old growth refuges for numerous species of plants and wildlife. Destroying it for the sake of profit is morally unjustifiable.  Congress in the past has shown willingness to protect Tongass and other vital wildlife areas.  Congress must act now to stop road building and commercial exploitation in this precious reserve.  As well, more actions are needed, now, in Copenhagen Conference!  "...There's a beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye...", sung by Happy Rhodes.  Concentration on solar energy, no non-renewable energy resources and no nuclear, is what's needed; and a green jobs movement.  We can't ignore reality, must prevent the point at which ecological destruction becomes irreversible, and humanity and large mammals are extinct, now, in the future; if not you, then who, now, then when, here, where, this, what?

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