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We, the American People, request legislation be drafted to put a moratorium on the $650 penalty imposed upon drivers by the DMV nationwide for driving without car insurance. This is an additional burden on top of Americans losing their jobs and homes to the insatiable greed of Wall Street and the outsourcing trends of corporations nationwide, all orchestrated by the omnipotence of the Federal Reserve (which is privately owned by a handful of European global banking empires). Americans gambling with their being street-legal are being forced to choose between gas to look for work - OR paying a DMV imposed penalty - not even able to afford the $70/month premium until the $650 penalty is paid first - - is sheer insanity. Millions of Americans who have 2 or 3 jobs cannot ride the bus with restricted routes that never cover all 3 shifts of the working class commuter. What about Americans who don't have family to chauffeur them to/from jobs while they wait the 2 weeks for a birth certificate they now need at the DMV? Tax officials, banks and credit unions are now waiving most of their penalties - allowing people to make reasonable efforts to get back on their feet. We demand the DMV and insurance companies "cinch in their belts too" and waive the penalty fee entirely or both work together on a small fee tacked onto the monthly premium itself so Americans can be street-legal AND afford the gas for their cars.

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