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Mandatory sentencing laws for child traffickers/ pedophile with protection for the victim

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This petition is for legislation that demands harsher and longer mandatory sentencing for child traffickers and pedophiles that prohibit reduction of sentences for over crowding, good behavior or parole. Offenders would receive automatic sentences that include incarceration and mandatory therapy. Possessing child porn, or engaging in pedophilia would result in immediate incarceration and prohibit bonds. For possession of child porn there would be a mandatory 10 year sentence for each instance. Possessing 2 files would result in a 20 year mandatory sentence to be carried out to term. 10 instances would result in 100 years. For producing child porn the offender would receive a mandatory life sentence for every instance. Engaging in sexual acts with a child would result in a minumim of 50 years per instance. Any pedophilia acts that engage in kidnapping the child would result in mandatory life sentence.  The death of a child would be a mandatory death sentence. Profiting from or engaging in the trafficking of children carry a 10 minimum sentence per instance. Finally for the protection of the victims. There would be a mandatory restraining order for life against the offender unless the victim decides otherwise. The victim will receive therapy and counselling. Persons under the age of 18 cannot be tried in criminal courts for prostitution charges as often they are victims of traffickers. Mandatory drug treatment counselling if that victim was drugged as a result of being trafficked. To redact legislation that charges individuals who report child enticement from online forums with entrapment or stalking. To charge offenders with a mandatory 5 year sentence for each instance of trying to entice a child via social media, email or text. Harsher sentencing and more victim advocacy with a no tolerance policy would send a grave message to those who view children as mere commodity to exploit and subjugate. The effects of the trauma will affect a child for the rest of their lives often resulting in drug addiction, unhealthy relationships and a low self image. Children are our most precious resource and we must all act to ensure a generation that doesn't need to recover from their childhood. 

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