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Make seat belts mandatory on school buses

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My daughter was recently riding on her school bus when she was thrown from her seat. She hit her head on a metal bar, and the injury was bad enough that it required a number of CAT scans and 4 staples. It was a terrifying experience, and I was so angry that her bus didn’t have seat belts. What’s more troubling, 80% of school buses are exempt from laws requiring seat belts in moving vehicles, putting our children in danger.

Federal law only requires buses under 10,000 pounds to have seat belts installed. This means that most of the 24 million children riding our school buses are not fastened safely in their seats. It’s time for the federal government to change this, and require all school buses to have seat belts.

I am not alone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently endorsed having three-point seat belts on buses. So why hasn’t the federal government made it a requirement? Because powerful groups representing bus drivers don’t want to make the changes due to cost. You can’t put a price tag on the safety of our children.

Join me in calling on Congress to mandate that all school buses be outfitted with seat belts.

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