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Congress: Make it illegal to protest within three miles of ANY funeral

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My father is in the military. I have seen too many people protest at military funerals and now, people are trying protest at the funerals of innocent children whose lives were cut much too short. America needs to do something about this.

I understand the freedoms in our countries and yes, freedom of speech is one of them. However, freedom of speech was created so that the government could not prevent or edit anything that was published, printed or said. It was not created so some ignorant person can protest during such a private, somber, sad, horrible time. Those people should be prevented from adding to the stress and depression of the mourners.

I say three miles because protesters can still have their right to freedom of speech and get the press they want, but without invading in someone else's life. It angers me that people can protest during the funeral of someone who gave their life for their right to protest or, as with the children, did nothing but be themselves. It makes me sick that people think they can use someone's life as a political step for whatever they hope to accomplish. However, as stated, I am not proposing a complete stop, just a prevention from adding pain and suffering during a time when there is already enough of it.

Lastly, my prayers go out to the families—God Bless.

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