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Congress: Make Family Courts and 
Child Protective Services and Agencies
conform to Constitutional LAW
throughout the United States of America.

March 1, 2014
To every member of Congress,  including
the Vice President of the United States:  

It is always popular for politicians to grandstand an issue,
and to win photo-ops, votes and influence now by doing this,
while the unintended consequences of oversimplification
are passed on to future generations or to taxpayers
in the here and now; who are already overburdened and overregulated:
and are then taxed and regulated even more, and in more illegal ways
than ever before.

The way that the so-called "child protection" industry in the USA
and in many other countries behave, is a classic example of that.
This increasingly self-serving industry (with bevavior reminiscent
of the proverb, "To a hammer, everything looks like a nail")
has also raised one false flag after another to violate the rights of people
who are innocent and harmless.

The child protection industry in America and in these other countries, 
in one documentable instance after another, has turned on the law,
has viciously attacked good families  in a way that is unnecessary,
and has harmed the very children which this industry is paid to protect.    

In the out-of-control way this industry has behaved, their excesses and torts
have caused irreparable harm, and their claims that what they are doing is 
"for the benefit of the children" are either  baseless or basically
truth-twisting exaggerations which are a far cry from reality.

In at least one US State, the CPS bureaucracy has been abolished,
due to its "long train of abuses and usurpations", which include the fact that
CPS has transformed the US system of justice into
assembly lines of kangaroo court abuse of process.  

Our courts, once independent and characterized by integrity,
have become hamstrung by Federal regulations and rewarded by a
corrupt system of money-driven shell games which are ruinous to the
general public and to the law - and to families and children too.  

Meanwhile, the self-serving industry hides behind prosecutorial immunity 
in a way which imbalances the scales of justice .

The manipulation of courts by the so-called "child-protection industry"
includes not only family courts, but criminal courts too, and private contractors;
in addition to the bureaucrats and agencies involved in this gigantic,
morally inverse scam - which often awards custody to abusive parties,
and deprives children of the more protective influence of innocent people
who are then raked through the coals by these courts and their
incredibly malicious double-standards!

The self-serving aspects of this mechanized, monstrous system of injustice 
have not only open the doors to corruption in a way which infects the remainder
of the court system virulently, but have mandated this - and  

Congress can no longer hide from this fact.     

Insiders in this industry, including the courts operating in  connection with it,
flaunt police powers and "wide judicial  discretion", in a way which has been
creating a picture of dictatorship within the frames of a republic.  
This gigantic scam and the people in it are not afraid or ashamed to
violate the 
Constitution of the United States, which is the law of the land
in America - and in other nations, these agencies and courts and contractors
are also apparently unfazed by  any and all basic laws and human rights standards.

The industry has ruined many good and innocent people's 
lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.  The industry of injustice has also 
shattered non-dysfunctional families over issues which are either
insignificant or wholly irrelevant to law; and what they have done in
many instances is to drag issues and events into the corral of criminal evidence,
which simply
don't fit - all to maintain the flow of their cash-driven assembly line.  

Despite the unhearing attitude of officials and the uncaring silence of the 
sheepletainers in the media; this pattern of Government malfeasance and
abuse of process has sparked a small scale but volatile revolt throughout the USA,
Canada, Britain, Australia and other countries.  
It is absolutely amazing that with all the fawning concern over "security" issues,
nothing is done to ameliorate this potentially destabilizing situation,
and Government seems determined to stick to its guns of corruption,
even as it increasingly disarms an increasingly provoked populace.

It is time for Congress to abolish the doctrine of child-care-related
exceptionalism to the Constitution, to begin to think like rational beings 
in a way which rejects false-flag emotionalism, and to take a  
"STOP IN THEIR TRACKS" stance toward
  all new and ongoing attempts to
exploit phony child welfare  misrepresentations as a phony pretext to 
extend, expand and maintain the tendency toward 
hysteria-driven witch-hunts, driven by this Constitution-shredding 
doctrine of child-care exceptionalism to lawful behavior by Government.

The phrase, "FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHILDREN"  should never again be
used by politicians to destroy the  fabric of trust in our society
at every drop of the hat (something which is NOT GOOD FOR "THE CHILDREN"), 
and it should never again be employed to shred the very same Constitution
which is the greatest inheritance we can  possibly give to those same children -
not only in the  far off future as a legacy, but NOW.

To brazenly violate civil rights, to overturn established laws on a whim,
or on the basis of no more than a hunch, or speculation, or insinuation,
to brazenly lie and forcefully manipulate people  who are vulnerable,
and to routinely turn due process into a  complete sham by substituting
new and feared routines;  is not only illegal under our Constitution:
but this pattern of hunch-backed, oppressive behavior, when witnessed by
children who are dragged into courtrooms - often against their will,
against their better judgment and their vital interests - sets a 
bad example and presents a frightening spectacle to "the children"
who are supposedly the beneficiaries of this grand totality of
shamefully totalitarian behavior.

For years, we, the people of the United States have demanded an end to
hypersecurity wacko behavior in our Government, and rightly so.  
Even people who are not directly harmed or bruised by it are sick of it.
And the attitude of our own Government, who we elect, whose salaries we pay,
has become blatantly defiant toward the will of the people.  

Accordingly , there is only one remedy.

Congress, led by the Hon. US Rep Justin Amash, must
pass a joint resolution to restore the Constitution

and to use its powers to pass legislation to enforce 
Article Six of the Constitution, by all means necessary;
including the creation of a 
Federal Independent Special Transgovernment Prosecutor's  Office,
headed by a F.I.S.T. Prosecutor, who shall have power:
1) To investigate all claims of Constitutional violations 
forwarded to that office by Attorneys of Law, or by citizens who
shall have passed an examination which shall qualify them to 
independently refer cases to the F.I.S.T Prosecutor for review;  

2) to  indict and suspend from office all officials and judges 
who violate the Constitutional rights of any innocent individual
in the United States, and to declare void all anti-Constitutional
acts by officials or their  agencies or contractual assigns;  

3) to abolish all agencies whose pattern of action it has evidently been,
to violate the Constitution, and to terminate the employees of all such
agencies who have indictably violated the Constitution,
whenever abolishing the entire agency is inadvisable or out of order as a remedy;  

4)  to recommend that Congress grant the victims of 
any abuses of process: emergency disaster relief according to their
reduced condition, and compensation proportional to damages inflicted
by Constitution-busting courts, officials,  bureaucrats and contractors
(including police and security people) without undue delay, and;  

5) to fast-track requests for reprieves and pardons to the
President of the United States (a job now not done by the
Office of the Pardon Attorney, who is paid very well to do
what he actually refuses to do in one case after another)
whenever the issue of Constitutional violations should make
such pardons and reprieves imperative and immediate.

Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA  19028-0877

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