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Make Crime Conjuring A Federal Felony

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August 20, 2013 2:45 AM
This is a letter to Governor Don Siegelman, which I will
share with Congress and the American people, and with
people all over the world who are concerned with human
To Governor Don Siegelman
PO Box 5010
Oakdale, LA 71463
It seems to me that not only were you
prosecuted for a crime that you didn't commit,
but for a crime so nonexistent that it was
CONJURED into existence.
Crime-conjuring is an increasingly common
technique of coy Government prosecutors in our
Fascist era, and of course crime-conjuring is a
new-pattern ex post facto clause violation of the
US Constitution.
I think we can define CRIME-CONJURING as
using the details and facts of an ordinary situation
of non-criminal import, in a way which misrepresents
ordinary, non-crime-related facts as "criminal evidence";
and which also includes an illogical attempt to maliciously
conjecture a pattern of alleged criminal intent in situations
where: not only has no harm been done, but there is
abundant exculpatory evidence which rules out criminal
should be a Federal felony, whether it is
perpetrated by State or Federal prosecutors.
Of course, the element of CRIME-CONJURING as a
substantial factor in the formulation of any prosecution
should require an AUTOMATIC pardon from the President.
As of now, Constitutional law relegates the matter of
reprieves and pardons to the absolute discretionary
will of the President alone, or to Governors for State
offenses. But the President must have authority to
remedy conflicts of interest wherein no State pardon
is possible - and the President must be required to
grant pardons whenever the ex post facto clause is
violated by CRIME-CONJURERS.
This requirement which should be legislated
by Congress is intended to ensure the President's
adherence to his own Oath of Office, which seems
to me an eminently reasonable legislative measure.
In your case, Governor Siegelman, as in other
CRIME-CONJURINGS, there was no crime, no
injury, no grievance, and no harm to the State
which was committed by the individual who was
prosecuted. Lawful behavior was dragged to
within the corral of lawlessness, and conduct which
never rose to or toward the level of an arrest was
lassoed over the fence and into the kangaroo farm.
Scott Davis.
As I described before, I was a victim of CRIME-CONJURING
by the Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, at
the time Tom Corbett ran that office. That perpetration
of CRIME-CONJURING took from me everything I ever
worked for; every song I ever wrote (except for a very few
leftover crumbs) and shattered my reputation unjustly.
I constructed the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve to appeal
to the President on behalf of a long list of people, the
majority of whom were victims of CRIME CONJURERS.
Computer technology makes it very easy for Government
to perpetrate this type of racket. And it is time for the
American people to rise up with one voice and to say
NO TO CRIME-CONJURERS. It is time for the good
people of the world to not only sign this petition, but to
contact the US Embassy in their own countries, and to
protest CRIME CONJURING in the United States,
and to demand that the US Government outlaw
crime conjuring and other forms of Government
misuse of data (such as petition-throttling and
other forms of spying on Americans and people
all over the world.)
When American prosecutors stop behaving in a
pattern which conforms to law and order, and
start acting like the Witch of Endor,
they'd better realize that the Good Lord
will put the hex on them all if the American
people cannot right this wrong through the
petition process - and that hex goes double
for petition throttlers who are in open rebellion
against the Constitution of the United States.
To all who spy on the American people and the
diplomats and people of other countries:
You may be watching us - but GOD IS WATCHING YOU
with at least the same intensity and open Eye.
The victims of CRIME-CONJURING have waited
too long for redress and restoration of justice, and
further delay is out of the question. Congress must
act immediately to study the question raised here.
It is more important now to raise these humble
victims of injustice out of their abject circumstances
than it is to vex the rebellious prosecutors who have
thumbed their nose at the Constitution. But the new
law which should be drawn up in the House Judiciary
Committee must provide for both priorities, in due course,
according to a timetable dictated by reason and good order.
The innocent and good people whose lives have been
ruined are the most important Americans living today,
because upon the issue of their freedom and exoneration
rests the answer to this question: Is America a nation
which is capable at all of granting timely and true justice today?
No American should think that this is a political issue which
it is safe to ignore. If innocent and good people can continually
be defamed, deprived of freedom and property, impoverished,
dehumanized, humiliated, unjustly railroaded in violation of
court rules of procedure and due process and Constitutional
guarantees, kicked into a corner, ignored, suffocated, deprived
of rights and in some cases of livelihood and life itself, and
cheated out of the right to petition and to peaceably assemble,
then ANY American can be selected apparently at random and
treated in exactly the same way, at the slightest whim of
prosecutors who are permitted to do this with impunity.
That is not freedom.
It is slavery on a mass-produced assembly-line.
And the people who are selected for this treatment
are usually the bravest, the best and the brightest -
who are the last people who should be roasted by
prosecutors. And in many cases, the victims of
CRIME CONJURERS are not roasted because of
what they did wrong, but because of what they tried
to do right - because they were all Good Samaritans.
It is now time for everyone to stand up for the
Good Americans, or we will not have any
Good Samaritans left anymore.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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