Congress is broken. We can fix it!!!

Congress is broken. We can fix it!!!

May 25, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dan Barnett

Congress is broken.  We can fix it!

More than 3000 lobbyists prowl Washington D.C. with $3,000,000,000(three billion) to spend influencing 535 Congressmen.  Gerrymandering rigs our elections to favor particular political parties in hundreds of Congressional districts.  Party politics puts extreme pressure on individual Congressmen to vote along party lines.  The power of the parties works to defeat the system of checks and balances that were designed to prevent abuses of power in our government.  Many demographics have too little representation in Congress.  Women are over 50% of our population but have less than 25% of the seats in Congress.  Independents constitute 42% of voters but hold only two seats in Congress.  18 to 25-year-olds pay taxes at the same rate as other Americans and bear the burden of serving on the front lines in every war but are denied any voice in Congress.  Working class people have no one in Congress trying to get by on average wages,  much less the minimum wage that is set by Congress.  Congressmen with excellent, government provided healthcare, make the decisions on our healthcare.  Partisan politics and lobbyist money prevent our Congress from doing the things that can move our country forward into a future that ensures the well being of all of our Citizens.  “We the People” must abide by the laws they write and pay the taxes they assess, without fair representation on so many levels. 

Citizens Congress Inc. is dedicated to changing all of that.  We are a 501(c)4 non-partisan organization that is proposing a Constitutional Amendment to fix a broken Congress.  There are five principal changes in our amendment.  We would:

1.       Replace the 435 elected members of the House of Representatives with 870-1000 members chosen by lottery from those American Citizens who are also registered voters. 

2.       Publicly fund Senate elections.

3.       Allow the House to send legislation directly to the President for signature or veto. House legislation would not require Senate approval.

4.       Allow the Senate to initiate legislation and send it to the House for approval, amendment, or rejection. 

5.       Reduce the age of sit in the House of Representatives from 25 to 18, the age of military service. 

These changes would:

1.       Remove all lobbyist money from Congress.

2.       End gerrymandering.

3.       Give every demographic their fair share of representation in Congress.

4.       Give the working people, who build and sustain this country, the loudest voice in Congress. 

5.       Shift the power away from the political parties and their wealthy donors directly to the people. 

6.       Allow members of both the House and the Senate to vote in the best interest of the country and its people without donors or parties controlling their votes. 

We have a great country.  We are a great people.  But we are being held back by a Congress that drags behind on so many important issues that affect our everyday life and our future.  Our founders knew they were not writing a perfect document and provided the means for us to change our Constitution.  All that is necessary is for us to work together and find the will for a better path forward.  Please join us in this effort to build a better nation and a better world. 

If you support the principal ideas of Citizens Congress please add your voice to ours in support of bringing truly democratic governance to America by signing this petition. 

To learn more, read "Citizens Congress, Common Sense for the Twenty First Century", by our founder, Dan Barnett, available on Amazon.

 Also, go to our website or visit us on Facebook at Citizens Congress Inc.  To donate go to .  

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Signatures: 296Next Goal: 500
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