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Increase School Security to Stop Mass Murdering of Children

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I'm tired of feeling like my children are waiting to draw the short end of the straw in a random school shooting. Enough is enough! While there is much to be done to prevent violence from escalating to the point of mass murder of children, it's not happening soon enough.

I'm calling on Congress to introduce a bill that would fund increased security measures, intruder-proof infrastructures and surveillance/alarm technology in every school in America. Telling our children to duck under desks like fish in a barrel is not working. Funding should come from to-be-determined federal tax, of which 100% of funding should go directly to this cause. States should appoint security contractors to perform the necessary modifications for every school. 

Guns aren't going anywhere and, in the mean time, our children shouldn't be sitting ducks when a psycho decides to murder the most innocent people on the planet, while at their place of learning. 

This is something that both sides of the political aisle can get behind. 

Please join with me and let's spend our money on something that matters! 

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