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Congress & Georgia Public University System: Grant International Students who pay taxes an in-state tuition benefit

Some international students whose parents pay taxes are stuck in an education dilemma, because they are charged an undeserved tuition fee by the public university in Georgia. For example, my parents have their own business and have paid taxes since 2006 and I am qualified for an upper-level state scholarship as I am graduating as my school's salutatorian. Yet, I am told to pay out-of-state fees, and therefore I may have to give up pursuing my college education. It's clearly stated on , that the sole reason why students are being differentiated between in and out is the tax contributions their parents have paid for Georgia. Ironically, tax-paying international students like myself are being hindered from receiving that benefit. On the other hand, some of the non-taxpaying international students (J-1/F-1) are granted with in-state tuition opportunity (source: To sum up, some current and future public college students in Georgia and some other states have to either pay an undeserved tuition fee or give up their dreams.

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