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Petitioning Congress for Use of Marijuana "Ganja" for religious purposes nationaly and 2 others

Let Rasta's practice religion without persecution by Decriminalizing Ganja

If we dont get this signed and passed into congress we will be continualy persecuted, even though our Bill of Rights in America's very first Amendment say we have The Freedom of Religion. As a Part of our meditation the use of Ganja is encouraged and the abuse of alchohol is discouraged. Ganja allows you to free your mind from the ties of society and think of life as a whole where you have been, are at, and where you want to be in the future. Many people use cannabis as a medicine that can treat chronic pain and headaches which conventional medicine cannot or is to harsh on the body to be taken, with risk of substance addiction. One physically cannot be addicted to marijuana it is merely an amplifier to the nuerotransmitters in our brain and spinal collumn. These sites are not used by the body to produce a pain killer like opiates and doesnt create inhibition like the G.A.B.A. in alchohol or antipsychotics such as valluums and xanax. Instead it uses the site with the most nuerotransmitters in the body that help us function in everyday life and enhanses the stimulus felt by each individual transmitter. Let Us Rastafaras enjoy their religion without persecution In every state by Decriminalization of Marijuana, give us Rasta's Religious Marijuana Cards to partake in our religion, as Patients have with Medicinal Marijuana Cards. Our Religion Has been prosecuted for years becuase why? We use Ganja. A plant that has been here for on our planet for ages. For as long as our Religion has existed, and even furthur back than the begining of christianity. Our moralistic values are just as high as christians, jew, and muslims, we only want the acceptance of the world in our use of Ganja. Christians have holidays around the calander to celebrate what they belive in, In our country why can't we just have the freedom to openly share our religion, and practices as we were garunteed by the Founders of this great nation, when it was created. Once decriminalized crime rates will drop, import of drugs through drug cartells will decrease, imporperly placed criminals will be removed from government funded organizations, taxes on Ganja will increase state revenue, and will boost the economy indefinately. Please all my people want is the freedom we thought we were gaurenteed, and the benifits that come with it, not only will this help us the people, and our religious rights, but the United States Government and econmy will reap the profits, and benifits in several areas. Thank-you for your time.

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  • Congress for Use of Marijuana "Ganja" for religious purposes nationaly
  • U.S. Supreame Court, religous rights being persecuted is unconstitutional
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    Barack Obama

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