Everyone wears a face mask to combat coronavirus

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José Dias
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It is a serious problem that the coronavirus spreads from asymptomatic people to others. A lot of people contracted the coronavirus but never showed any symptom, or the symptom was so mild that they never recognized they had contracted it. Today, people with symptom will be quarantined, but they might have spread to a lot of people before they were confirmed contracting the virus. An infected person moving around is a moving source of virus.

A face mask will make the difference. If you have contracted the coronavirus (maybe you do not even know), a face mask will prevent you from spreading to others. If you have not, a face mask will reduce your chance to get infected. Use of face mask will also reduce burden of the medical system. Face mask has proved effective in other countries during their fight with this novel coronavirus. Non-medical personnel do not need N95 masks but regular surgical masks in their daily life. Cost of face masks is much cheaper than economic costs and medical expenses. Face mask, social distancing, and hand washing will work together to help America defeat the coronavirus.

America has paid a big price for this virus. We cannot afford another isolation once the pandemic comes back. We are racing with the coronavirus. We must prepare our country now. Universal mask wearing is the least price to pay for this pandemic. Congress needs to pass a legislation to: 1.Prioritize the supply of PPE for medical personnel and first responders, 2.Support the production of face masks in the United States, and 3.Enforce the mandatory use of face mask in all public places during this pandemic.