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Congress: Enact Caleb's Law! We Need A Federal Animal Protection Act Now!

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The horrific abuse, prolonged torture, and rape that took the life of three month old puppy Caleb last week on August 10th, 2016 in Fulton County, Georgia must NEVER be allowed to happen again. But without a shadow of a doubt, we know it will. As long as there is no Federal Protection Law in place there will be no state law strong enough to make a real difference in stopping a criminal from doing it again. ______________________________________________________________________________ Along with the recent high profile case of gross negligence and blatant abuse of Libre, the seven week old Boston Terrier of Lancaster County, in Pennsylvania it has become abundantly clear that we need a mandatory federal protection law without further delay for all animals who are cruelly treated and abused by humans. _____________________________________________________________________________These are but two of the many hundreds of thousands of animal abuse incidents that are reported across America yearly. In fact according to the ASPCA an animal is being abused EVERY 60 seconds in this country! ______________________________________________________________________________ It is essential that we have a Federal animal protection law that has the components of mandatory sentencing for the criminal segment of our population that abuses defenseless animals. Study after study have shown the direct correlation of animal abuse AND human abuse. It is one of the primary reasons the FBI started tracking convicted animal abusers in January of 2016. ______________________________________________________________________________ Any Federal law enacted, must at a minimum, have mandatory sentencing, confiscation of any personal property solely or jointly owned (as would happen in a drug conviction), heavy fines and the convicted perpetrator must be put on a National Registry of Animal abusers that never allows any contact with an animal again in their life time. America is the leader of the free world. It is unconscionable that we do not have a Federal Law on the books that protects our animals and this atrocity must be rectified without delay. This should not be a political issue, it is a ethical issue and should be treated with the importance It deserves. ______________________________________________________________________________ Therefore we, the tax payers, expect the will of the people to prevail and ask that you develop and pass a bill to ensure that a Federal law to fully protect animals is finally put into place during this next congressional session without any further delay.

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