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Congress: Eliminate The Third Class Medical Certificate for Private Pilots

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If you are a pilot or simply love aviation please read this petition. This petition directly affects the very people who make a vibrant aviation community.

Pilots who fly themselves, family and friends in small aircraft currently have to submit to a medical examination every 3 to 5 years depending on age. Most of these are not rich or planning a flight to space. They are just average men and women perusing a passion for flight. They support our communities often providing volunteer services and inspiration to us all.

Each time their medical renewal is up they not only have to submit to an exam, they have to provide details on all doctor's visits and any medical interactions they have. Any number of medical conditions can potentially cost a pilot thousands of dollars in additional tests, paperwork and months fighting the federal bureaucracy know as the FAA. Even then an arbituary decision by the FAA can end a pilot's ability to fly. It's so bad that some pilots actively avoid going to the doctor because they have to balance their love of aviation against the risk of having to report a medical condition to the FAA.

The FAA justifies the medical certificate in the name of safety but all data to date shows that there is absolutely no additional risk to the public if aviators are allowed to self-certify using their driver's license. The FAA is a bueroacracy protecting itself.

Aviation organizations, including AOPA and others, have petitioned the FAA for years trying to remove, relax or simplify this regulation. Mountains of data have been provided. Hundreds of expert witnesses have provided testimony and tens of thousand of public comments have been made but the FAA has continually ignored, denied or marginalized these requests.

It's time to take the case for change directly to lawmakers! It seems that only an act of congress can direct the FAA to make this change.

We the undersigned petition the Congress of the United States of America to eliminate the Third Class Medical Certificate so that pilots around this nation can continue to serve their communities, create jobs, support the economy and pursue their love of aviation!

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