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Congress: Don't Push Us Off the Fiscal Cliff

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Shortly after the November elections, Congress will decide how to address what the news media is calling the “fiscal cliff,” a combination of tax and budget deadlines that occur together at year’s end.

All the Bush tax cuts are set to expire, including billions in tax cuts we can’t afford for the richest 2%. Nearly a trillion dollars in budget cuts are also scheduled, jeopardizing programs for the poor and vital services that we all depend on. Private economists and the Congressional Budget Office predict that these policies could tip our economy back into recession in 2013. Millions of jobs and livelihoods are at stake. Simply put: the fiscal cliff is a jobs cliff.

Congress is pushing us toward the fiscal cliff and a second recession to protect low tax rates for the rich. And this is a self-made crisis, written into law in response to the debt ceiling negotiations in 2011. We can't allow this crisis to set up a “grand bargain” in which Democrats agree to trillions of dollars in cuts to social insurance and domestic spending in exchange for yet-to-be-determined concessions by Republicans.

This reckless path is not in the best interest of most Americans. Instead, Congress should be supporting the creation of millions of jobs. Sign the petition today to tell Congress you refuse to let America be pushed off the fiscal and jobs cliff.

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