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Don’t make Americans suffer. Keep the pre-existing condition clause for health insurance


In 2017, the future of healthcare in America will be decided by President Trump and Congress. I want to be sure that people like me, those with a chronic illness, have a voice in the path forward.   

My name is Linda, and I’m a married mother of two children. My husband is a hard-working, self-employed man who does his best to provide for all of us. Because he’s self-employed and I have a pre-existing health condition, it was virtually impossible to find health insurance coverage before Obamacare came along.

Before Obamacare, health insurance companies would reject us outright, or would direct us to a high-risk insurance pool with annual or lifetime caps on coverage due to my pre-existing condition. These high-risk insurance pools were extremely expensive and often provided limited coverage -- which doesn’t guarantee critical care treatment needs for people with chronic health conditions. This was devastating to the chronic care community.

Since Trump and the Republicans in Congress announced their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, I have yet to see any plan that ensures people like me will be able to transition into similar care with no coverage gap, or even retain access to affordable, critical ongoing chronic care.

If the pre-existing condition clause goes away with an Obamacare repeal, millions of Americans will be impacted. Our emergency rooms will be overrun with individuals who can no longer get regular care for their chronic conditions, and health care costs will spiral out of control once again.

I also run a ministry for women with chronic health conditions and hear these same fears from the women I help counsel since the President-elect announced his intention to repeal Obamacare.

No one in our great country should ever know the fear and frustration of fighting for every scrap of insurance coverage when you have a chronic, lifelong disease.

Please sign this petition today and help make sure that Americans with pre-existing health conditions don’t get left behind. Tell Congress and our new President to protect those with pre-existing conditions.

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