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Congress: Don't Cut Services to the Poorest Americans


As Congress decides how to address the "fiscal cliff" - a combination of tax and budget deadlines that occur together at year’s end - they are considering cuts to programs that would hurt the poorest Americans, especially Black and Latino seniors.

Vital programs like Social Security are helping keep millions of seniors out of poverty, but millions of other seniors remain in poverty. And because people of color are more likely to have been lifetime low-wage earners, the current system fails more often for Black and Latino seniors, causing a higher rate of poverty: 19.3 percent of Black seniors and 19 percent of Latino seniors live in poverty, compared to 7.4 percent of White seniors as of 2010.

Instead of making cuts to Social Security and other programs, Congress should focus on creating solutions that help even more people who live in poverty. Solutions like raising the Special Minimum Benefit to guarantee a Social Security benefit of at least 125% of federal poverty level for individuals at full-benefit age who have worked long careers at low pay.

Sign the petition right now to urge your members of Congress to strengthen programs that help the poorest Americans, not cut them.

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