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We Petition President Trump To Quit Taking Mind-Altering Hair Growth Drug

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To President Donald J. Trump:

The following petition is submitted both by those who voted for you and those who did not.

You are taking a drug to promote hair growth, Finasteride, aka Propecia. It works. You have beautiful hair. BUT Finasteride has side effects, some of which are: insomnia, drowsiness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It can also reduce sexual function. “Finasteride use leads to decreased concentrations of important hormones in the brain called neurosteroids”.*

It is said that you get little sleep, and it is said you sometimes suffer from brain fog. These by definition reduce your ability to perform your duties. When you were running for office, you did not disclose your use of Finasteride.

If your thinking is altered or if you are depressed or suicidal, you may be less able or unable to discharge your powers and duties fully. The 25th Amendment allows Congress to remove a president from office if he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the presidency.

Both those of us who voted for you and those who did not join together to say that we would be more comfortable with you as president if you were not taking a mind-altering drug which might cause you to have brain fog and feel depressed and even suicidal.

We are asking you to stop taking this drug immediately. Finasteride is not an addictive drug, so not much will power will be required. You should be willing to sacrifice even your beautiful hair for your country.

Yes, you may develop male pattern baldness and may even become bald. But you may also suffer less from insomnia and brain fog. You may be able to think more clearly. That to us is more important than your appearance.

In conclusion, please, Mr. President, quit taking mind-altering Finasteride. Please do so immediately.

Signed by: Those who voted for you and those who did not



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