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Congress: Protect MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN against PATERNITY FRAUD

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Paternity Fraud is a national epidemic. This occurs when the truth as to who the biological father of a child isn't disclosed.  There are no requirements when applying for welfare or child support to truthfully disclose who the "true" father is.  In marital situations, the husband is "presumed" to be the father of a child born to his wife, even when DNA proves he is not.  Everyday, men sign in-hospital "paternity acknowledgment forms" even when DNA testing has not been done.

Unfortunately, children who suffer from numerous hereditary illnesses will continue to be misdiagnosed due to inaccurate reporting of their paternal medical history.  They are the "true" victims in paternity fraud and deserve to know who their biological father is, their medical history, heritage, inheritance rights, and extended family. 

To avoid devastation within families and to make sure that every child has an inalienable right to know the identity of both biological parents, we propose that Congress adopts a federal statute that no paternity establishment is final unless a DNA test proves who the biological father is.

Because... Paternity is important to YOU and to Children!!

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