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Changes to keep schools safe!

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Im urging for a Change after yet another tragedy where so many lives were lost in Broward County at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Sr. High. I can not help but be appalled by the lack of security in our schools to keep our kids safe! Because of this I am prompted to ask the question, why are there so many Armed Security Guards, Police Officers, swiped entry and/or Metal Detectors at so many Gov't buildings yet we can not afford the same for our schools in an effort to keep our most precious beings...our children safe??!! I am a parent of five kids, two of which have thankfully already graduated. However, I am tired of seeing so many entry points at our kid's schools leaving them vulnerable. Yes, we recognize the green shirt civilian security who are unarmed and just as vulnerable...but is that really enough to keep our schools safe? I think not ! These kids go to school everyday risking their lives. Too many entry metal detectors...and not enough adequate security and/or Police presences to deter crimes or tragedies. We need a change...we need to make our schools as safe as many of the gov't buildings because these buildings not only hold our future, they hold our whole lives!

As a concerned parent I demand a change in our schools.

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