Censure Ron Rodgers

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November 28, 2013

Congress: CENSURE Ron Rodgers.

We the undersigned - and many others who have not been able to sign this petition

due to the massive petition-throttling and blocking which has become

increasingly evident since mid 2012 - call on Congress to investigate and to

CENSURE  the US Pardon Attorney, Ronald Rodgers.

Ronald L. Rodgers' entire experience is in military justice and

prosecutive work in the "drug war".  He has no experience which

would lend itself to the job of US Pardon Attorney. "What were they

smoking" when they appointed this former drug czar to this position?

The appointment is bizzare.  It's like appointing Edgar Allan Poe

to direct the Santa Claus exhibit at Macy's!

Ronald L. Rodgers has had a CORROSIVE EFFECT on American justice; and

his appointment in the first place - as well as his continued unjustified

presence as US Pardon Attorney - imposes standards of harsh military

law in a civilian sphere which even in times of war should never be the

venue of military usurpation of the civilian supremacy of our elected

officials. In this case the elected official is the President; the appointment

is a farewell thumbing of the nose by an outgoing Republican administration

which knew it was going to lose the White House in any fair election, and the

appointment of Ronald L. Rodgers amounts to a DIRTY TRICK which is

squarely in the context of  the clear presence of a military coup against

all civilian and Constitutional prerogatives in the way this country is governed.

The US Inspector General's Office examined the conduct of Ronald Rodgers

during and before September, 2011.

The following indictment was presented by  Families Against Mandatory Minimums, sometime in May 2012, although the date given here is several months later:  

FAMM - DOJ:Pardon Attorney Acted Improperly in Aaron Case, 18 Dec 2012 [cached] The report, issued by the Office of the Inspector General of the  Department of Justice, concludes that current pardon attorney  Ronald L. Rodgers engaged in  "conduct that fell substantially short of the high standards expected of  Department of Justice employees and the duty he owed the  President of the United States" when he did not accurately convey  to the White House that the U.S. Attorney and sentencing judge  supported a commutation of Aaron's sentence.

In other words, he lied to the President - WITH IMPUNITY.

An error of omission in fact at that level is a LIE.

Rodgers concealed exculpatory evidence which would have, if revealed to the President, led to a pardon.  The man who was the victim of this lie is still rotting away in jail.

The same is true of tens of thousands of other innocent victims of

Government-instigated prosecution and libel who are either in prison

or have had their lives ruined to the point where freedom outside prison

has become an unattainable possibility which takes us back to the days

of Les Miserables, The Scarlet Letter and the Salem Witch Trials.

15 law professors from Harvard, NYU, Notre Dame, Stanford, American University and George Washington requested in a letter to the US Senate Judiciary Committee that Ron Rodgers be investigated, in June 2012.

From the spring of 2008, when Ronald L. Rodgers was   appointed by US Attorney General Michael Mukasey (of torture issue fame) until mid 2012, Ronald Rodgers REJECTED over 7,000 prisoner requests for clemency - 22 times as many as were rejected during the EIGHT years when Reagan was President (1981-1989)!

President Obama has the worst record of all Presidents on Reprieves and pardons.  Except for two Presidents who didn't make it to the end of their first year in office, (and who never had a chance to grant a pardon or to do much of anything as President)  Obama has granted fewer pardons than any President since Zachary Taylor; and it must be considered that Zachary Taylor was  President for only 16 months.  Obama's been President for 58 months.  During 2012, the only two pardons  granted by Obama were to TWO TURKEYS! . Ronald Rodgers is not qualified to be US Pardon Attorney. His experience is entirely in military justice and drug enforcement oversight. 

Rodgers was appointed due to racism in the Office of the Pardon Attorney under his predecessor.  Guess what? EVERYONE in the office should have been  replaced, to get rid of the racist corporate culture.  You don't  change the icing on a moldy cake and serve it to the public.  You THROW THE BAD CAKE OUT!


The power to grant Reprieves and pardons which the  Constitution grants to the President was meant to be used - not abused by pardoning mostly cronies - and most people pardoned since 1989 have been Bush political machine cronies. . Ronald Rodgers came in to the office with a backlog of 2,000 pardon requests from his predecessor - according to news reports.  I am sure the backlog is much more extensive than these reports indicate.

Ronald Rodgers has recommended 39 pardons and one commutation of sentence to President Obama since  January 20, 2009.  He has REJECTED 6,703 requests. This means he has granted only 0.5967% of all  requests for clemency.  

Now, is it TRUE that Government in its judicial branch has a 99.4033% flawless performance record?   OF COURSE NOT, and I don't know of anyone else except for Ronald Rodgers who thinks so - and I think RIP VAN WINKLE could have done a better job, for the six-figure salary Ronald L. Rodgers is paid!

The Washington Post and ProPublica have been investigating the poor pardoning record of President Obama for the past few years.  You would think that President Obama would have noticed this by now, and would have noticed the petition with tens of thousands of signatures for Governor Don Siegelman, and would have taken remedial action - but with subordinates such as Ronald Rodgers who LIE TO THE PRESIDENT on a continual basis, how can the President do the right thing here?

Obviously we, the people must GET HIS ATTENTION. Nothing short of Congressional censure of Ronald Rodgers will do.

Pardons are the lubricant which prevents the engine block of the judicial branch of government, and therefore all Government, from seizing up.   The oil's been running  way too low in the crankcase of justice in America for over thirty years.   It's time we point out to the  President that the dashboard warning light has been on for a while.

Unless you think you will never again be pulled over in traffic in your entire life, I would advise you to not only  sign this petition, BUT SHARE IT as much as you can. This petition, like most other petitions from activists, will be blocked, most predictably. 


Scott Davis


Committee of 37 Peace Initiative

PO Box 877

Edgmont,  PA  19028-0877


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