Regulate High Capacity gun magazines and Expand background checks

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  • Hello Everyone, My name is Stephanie Aguirre and I started this Petition in honor of my little cousin Stephen Romero who was killed in the Gilroy Shooting a few weeks ago. He was taken from his family way too soon and losing him moved me to want to make a change for the better and hopefully we can stop this gun violence.                    No more thoughts and prayers. Now is the time to take more action so we can go to work, school, festivals and shopping without fear of getting shot. Congress needs to act fast and address what is a National issue in a Country flooded with guns, We're going to see these horrific tragedies. 

We need bans on high capacity gun magazines and the sales of guns with so called bullet buttons, and a requirement to take effect in 2019, of background checks for buyers of ammunition. 

Too many families are grieving for loved ones taken from this life way too soon because anyone can get a gun and decide to shoot up public places. We need to lead the way and make change. Now is the time to come together and demand Tighter gun control. When will enough be enough? It is a sad time that we are living in that we cannot go out with our children or drop them off at school and worry about finding emergency exits incase a Mentally ill person with a gun wants to hurt them. We need to be the voice for the ones who have none or the Voices that have been lost to gun violence.