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Are Your Federal Goverment Officals mentally healthy and non-violent enough to govern us?

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Our President, Vice President and many Congress members have repeatedly voted to disenfranshise, harm, and/or knowingly kill opposing voters, women, children, the elderly, the severely ill, the disabled, minorities, folks that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender.

Pretty much anyone that is not a billionaire or can not help them with their plots they see as fake people.

Statistics show that there has been an increase in violence toward women and minorities since the GOP took office; the divisiveness the GOP makes me believe Trump and Bannon's original promise to "tear down the government" is still in place. Gun massacres are happening WEEKLY since the GOP took office. There has also been a slew of legislation trying to control women, healthcare, and taxes that shows the majority of our elected leaders are acting in ways that deliberately harm others; those they are sworn to protect.

In my family alone their legislation would take us from a healthy working family with insurance to nonproductive citizens with prexisting conditions, with no or shockingly higher health insurance / care costs - probably unable to work with out healthcare. We are also in our 50's with a semidisabled daughter - but they are trying to pass legislation to take away all social supports such as Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. And there are literally millions in similar or worse straits due to their agenda.

In answer to this concern I would call on you to sign my petition to call these "leaders" to task by asking everyone in the Federal government to take and pass not only a mental health exam but a nonviolent communication / behavior exam.

As a psychotherapist and Clinic Director for the past 30 years I believe any of these "officals" that have voted to dismantle ACA, push a tax plan that again calls for harm to MILLIONs should have to pass these tests before they are allowed to continue in office. I believe that anyone that votes to knowingly harm millions is not mentally stable and should not be in elected office. 

 Should this petition pass, I would call on senators such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to push this legislation forward.


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