Appoint a Special Independent Commission to Investigate Trump's Russia Ties

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Russia's Putin and his cronies are, like Hitler, Goering, Himmler and Goebbels, Fascists who kill children, old people, journalists like Anna Politkovskaya, opposing politicians like Boris Nemtsov, dissidents like Alexander Litvinenko and any and everyone else who gets in their way, shot down Malaysian Flight 17 over Ukraine, support sociopathic murderers like Ramzan Kadyrov and the Taliban all the while amassing to themselves the wealth of the russian state and people. In all of this and more they lie like Josef Goebbels - Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister. The only thing for sure that can be said about them is that they lie. They lied about Syria, they lied about Ukraine, they lied about Chechnya, they lied about Georgia, they lied about Estonia, they lied about Assad, they lied about chemical weapons, they lied about Flight 17, they lied about cyber attacks, they lied about Wikileaks - they lie about EVERYTHING......These Russian fascists are doing everything they can specifically to undermine American democracy, their greatest and most dangerous opponent, and they now appear to be making headway in doctoring their relationship with America's President, further undermining our American Democracy.... To ABSOLUTELY ascertain whether or not this is true an INDEPENDENT AND BI-PARTISAN COMMISSION MUST BE CREATED THAT IS UNDER NO PERSON'S THUMB AND HAS THE POWER AND MANDATE TO GO WHEREVER SUCH AN INVESTIGATION MIGHT LEAD. Congress must provide for this. Senators and Representatives of the American Congress who DO NOT provide for this must be seen as putting politics ahead of country - being politically motivated - and, therefore, must be seen as TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR. We perceive the lack of an independent investigation to be an existential threat to our democracy.

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