Stop statehood - No federal taxes for Washington DC

Stop statehood - No federal taxes for Washington DC

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William Walters
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Taxation without representation has been the rallying cry for years in DC.  Now the House of Representatives wants to make DC a state.

An alternative to statehood that would solve the injustice to DC's 700,000 residents is to exempt them from all federal taxes so long as they lack statehood. 

Moreover, this is a local issue and should be decided locally by referendum not by Congresswomen from California and Congressmen from New York, Florida, Illinois and elsewhere. 

Solve the problem. No representation - No federal taxation for DC residents.  Simple and fair.

Let the license plate on the presidential limousine read "Tax free DC" instead of "Taxation without Representation".

It's time for a 21st Century Boston Tea party in DC.  Sign the petition and let Congress and the White House know that now is the time to solve this injustice by making DC a federal tax free zone.