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Eliminate Social Security's Waiting Rule for the Terminally Ill

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This issue effects every working person and their employers when a person such as my late wife Tina was diagnosed with terminal cancer on the 16th of November 2011 and died on the 23rd of January 2012 at home. You can work for 36 years and become terminally ill and have your claim approved with Social Security. The dirty secret is you will have to wait five months if you should live that long to recieve a benefit that you earned and worked for. Tina lived two months and then died. This rule is, from my perspective is governments wayf of "stone walling" in the hopes that the terminally ill will die before any payment will have to be made. Those funds were earned and paid for by both the employee and employer for that employee to be utilized when needed in the last stages of their lives. The Michigan State Senate has introduced a Resolution SR0134 to address this issue. I ask all of you to assist in fighting "The Good Fight" for the terminally ill and for the future of our working citizens. If this can happen to Tina and I,it can happen to you and your family. Lets fight "The Good Fight" for all of America!

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