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Best Marijuana Legalization Strategy


The best solution is that marijuana should only be grown on federal land and taxed, with the proceeds going to pay down the national debt.


Objections will come from the following:

The following industries which use a large amount of their income to pay legislators to keep hemp illegal because they don’t want competition; know hemp is superior to most of their products; and don’t want the public to have a choice:

The pharmaceutical industry, the clothing industry, the timber and paper products industries, and others.

Drug cartels and marijuana farmers who won’t be able to charge outrageous prices, thanks to legal competition.

People who are easily confused by propaganda and don’t want to do any work to search for truth.


Approval will come from:

Law enforcement, which can focus officers and resources on dangerous drugs.

Border Patrol can focus on catching those bringing in dangerous drugs, because Mexicans with marijuana won’t be able to compete with us.

Those who want an end to drug wars and crime resulting from the criminalization of marijuana.

Those who would use marijuana instead of dangerous drugs that are destroying our society.

Those who want homeopathic drugs that are far safer than many pharmaceuticals.

Those who want more products produced in the U.S. instead of imported.

Those who keep using the federal debt for political gain will either approve or be exposed as liars.

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